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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bowled Over

Next week I will be giving a demonstration on throwing bowls to the second year Ceramics students so I thought I would throw a few bowl styles to have trimmed and finished so they can see where it starts wet and where it can end up after altering, trimming and finishing.  Here are a couple I made today.  I also made a rimmed bowl and what I call a tulip bowl.

To make this style I made a simple upright bowl. I then cut out a section, textured it and re-added it to the bowl.  I altered the rim and pressed it in.   I think next time I will make a more obvious shape for the cut out similar to the cups I made last weekend which I will post as well.  This bowl was made with Coleman Porcelain, Cone 10.

I then took some Plainsman H440 and threw a similar bowl.  I made small balls of the Coleman Porcelain and attached them in a regular pattern.

I then pressed into those balls of clay with the end of a wood skewer and here are the results - a quilted look with contrasting clays.


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