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Friday, July 30, 2010

Throwing Boot Campers

Today was the last day for my Throwing Boot Camp course at the Burlington Art Centre. I put 9 willing students through the paces this week with the intent of improving their throwing skills over the span of 5 days. I am pleased to say that the didn't disappoint! It was amazing comparing the pieces thrown on day 1 to the ones thrown on day 5. The week consisted of tons of tons of throwing, many exercises including throwing blindfolded, being timed, throwing to collapse, repeating forms and so on. Everyone was a great sport and went along with all the things I asked from them - even the hour+ of wedging practice on day 2! They were a great group to work with and I loved every minute of it! My last act of torture was to have them throw 5lbs of clay ... which for many was more than they have ever done before (or for a long time). But they did it, with some fantastic results. I have to say that I was a proud mama seeing how much everyone had progressed - so rewarding for a teacher!

Athanasia and her 5lb bowl

Penny and her 5lb bowl

Penny`s Copy and Repeat Bowls!

Darryl with his Super Plate

Ruth and her 5lb Tulip Bowl

Maggie trimming her Deep Bowl

The room just before clean up on Day 5 - Darryl and M.A.

Thanks for a great week guys!